Accompanying you
Our tools

Y.SPOT offers you a range of tools and infrastructures to support your innovation projects.

Collaborative spaces

Y.SPOT provides you with flexible collaborative spaces for the duration of your project.

Salle de travail et de réunion modulable
Salle de travail et de réunion, la Centrifugeuse du Y.SPOT Toulouse
Immersive capsule

Y.SPOT Grenoble is equipped with an XR workshop that lets you experience extended reality and dive virtually into the future. In this way, we can test experiments that are not yet physically feasible, to help decision-making.

Personne debout dans une salle qui projette une vidéo à 360 degrés
Prototyping spaces

Y.SPOT workshops are dedicated to prototyping, allowing ideas to come to life through the creation of models. This enables concept validation, specification compliance, integration elements, or cases to showcase technologies, for example. Our aim is to bring the future experience to life as quickly as possible.

Atelier du Y.SPOT Toulouse
Demonstration spaces

The showroom's purpose is to make CEA Tech's technological offerings tangible, visible, and understandable for industrial partners. The approximately 150 demonstrators showcased illustrate research conducted in various fields: health, housing, transportation, logistics, information technology, energy, materials, digital leisure, etc.

Photo du SHorrom de Toulouse
Discover our achievements

Here are a few examples of accomplishments resulting from our inspiring collaborations.