The role of prototypes in design processes

Design is first and foremost a user-centred design approach whose outputs are key to determining the behaviour of the users for whom an innovation is intended.

Well beyond this final objective, the practice of innovation induces the need to concretise, at the different phases of the projects, the ideas, the advances, the locks or the intermediate stages before the final product. The prototype therefore has its place at different stages of the innovation process and serves different purposes: to give substance to an idea, to bring together multidisciplinary teams, to convince stakeholders, to test functionalities, to gather user feedback, to validate technical, financial and human feasibility, to communicate about the future product, etc. Each objective is matched by different prototype formats…. But whatever the objective, know-how, but also listening, creativity, the ability to co-create, iteration and the right to make mistakes are at the heart of prototyping. Thanks to a strong collaboration with the Pôle Supérieur de Design in Villefontaine, Y SPOT offers you the opportunity to discover the strength of prototyping, especially when it is practiced through workshops with students.

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