The practice of creativity is now part of the toolbox of companies in their innovation projects and Y.SPOT uses various tools to support and facilitate the creative phases in the framework of collaboration in teams or partnerships. Their use often includes individuals from different backgrounds, be it gender, age, functions, training, expertise, geographical origin…

This diversity aims to benefit from a plurality of views on the problem to be solved or the challenges to be met, but it remains that collective performance cannot be limited to the capacities of individuals. Many other elements come into play, including the management of this diversity, the facilitation and the initial conditioning of the creative group.

Like the principles of Creative Problem Solving, working with hypnosis-inspired techniques is about developing our creativity and mental flexibility to activate our full resource potential. Thus, these techniques, throughout the innovation process, will allow individuals to be led into states of psychological acuity, openness to changes in perspective, induction of open mental postures and connection to one’s deep creative resources.

Fanny and Nicolas, who have had several experiences with Y.SPOT, will talk about the contribution of this practice to innovation.

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